Saturday, June 25, 2011

What have I been doing now?

Well, I was suppose to make a Tshirt quilt for my daughters best friend for 2 years now. Had the Tshirts in a bag just sitting there. So finally I started cutting them up this week. I finished cutting the neck and arms off tonight and have about half of them stabilized. At least it is a start! Tomorrow I'm hoping to get the rest of them stabilized - you wouldn't believe how long that takes!

My mom also wanted a small wall hanging for her door. I finally got that made this week. Just have to finish quilting it. I cheat on these and do the button hole stitch after I layer so it is kind of like quilted where the applique is. Just need to do the sky background.

And meet H and A's newest family member! Isn't she adorable! She was abandoned in the back yard of some friends of A's parents. A had always told H that she could name their dog "Santo" after Ron Santo of the Chicago Cubs as long as it had "White Socks (Sox)"! Can you tell those 2 support opposing Chicago teams!

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Janet O. said...

I know how long the t-shirt quilt takes. I've just sent one to my longarm quilter that I made for my son's college graduation. I've blogged about it a few times, including how much longer it took than I ever dreamed--trimming the shirts, stabilizing them, I pieced most of the 30 blocks in mine and then fussy cut plaid sashing! I had thought it would be such a quick project.
Nice wall hanging for your Mom. That isn't cheating, it is effective use of time and resources!

antique quilter said...

cute its all about the RED SOX!
the quilt for your mom is cute, yes machine buttonholing quilts like that is the way to go!

t shirt quilts haven't made one yet but M came home with a LOT of t shirts and asked if I would make her a quilt when she had enough?
not looking forward to it!

Rhonda M said...
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Rhonda M said...

I made my first tee-shirt quilt this year for my daughter and you are so right, it takes a long time to prepare those blocks. I used 30 14-inch blocks and will probably never make one that big again, because it was a bear to quilt. Here is the link to mine:

Please put pics on of yours when it is finished!

Lori said...

Santo is adorable!!

I have some tshirts all stabilized and am waiting for more to make a bigger quilt. I'm sure the friend will be happy you finally got around to it;)

WoolenSails said...

How I wish I had saved all my tshirts since I was young, that would be a fun quilt, lol. Love your sailboat piece, I have been wanting to do one, just haven't found the time, but maybe after my flag piece.


Linda said...

Puppy is so adorable!! Love her smiling face!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who makes Tshirt quilts for customers but I've never tried it myself. They are very popular.

Janice said...

I have never done a T shirt quilt, but I may give it a shot in the near future. I cant wait to what design you come up with.

Barb said...

great sailing boat and light house hanging.
That pup is sooo cute! what perky ears and eyes.
Being a native Chicagoan,I love the name references!