Friday, September 21, 2012

My Jelly Roll - 1600

Sweet, sweet Miss V, my long arm quilter, saw my post and grabbed 2 snapshots of my Jelly Roll - 1600 so I could post them on my blog!  Thank you V!

My Jelly Roll only had 20 different fabrics, so I had 2 of each strip.  Isn't it a fun happy Christmas quilt!  It will be fun to just snuggle under it dreaming of of all things Christmas!

4 comments from wonderful readers:

antique quilter said...

very cute, when you sewed the strips together did you thikn about placement or did you just sew them together randomly
I thought this would be a great donation quilt pattern for me

beaquilter said...

fun quilt! I've made one of those too, they are fun to make!

Candace said...

How sweet of her. I think that it is a cheerful and really Christmasy quilt. I agree it'll be fun to snuggle under.

Barb said...

great Christmas fabrics - bright and cheerful!