Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Latest Fun!

Yes I"ve been busy this summer!  Had a brief break from quilting and took a wonderful week long trip to NYC with my best friend from Australia, and her childhood friend.  We had a BLAST!

Of course we went to the garment district and Mood!  And the City Quilter!

And had afternoon tea at the Plaza!  It was a great week.

When I got home I started a new project I have been wanting to make.  I made 4 Sew Together bags and was just finishing them up when I came across the instructions for the Bionic Gear Bag.  Needless to say I had to make 2 more of the Bionic Gear Bag!  I loved the enhancements and changes Ripstitcher put in the Bionic Gear Bag.  It was well worth buying the 2nd pattern! 

While at a glance you may think they are the same pattern - they are NOT.  The Bionic Gear Bag has so many changes, that make it an even better bag.  I'm not interested in comments about who made the pattern first, or what constitutes enough changes to be a new pattern.  I will be deleting any comments about that.  The 2 designers have had conversations and its the past.  (Enough said).  And I did buy both patterns.   But I have to admit - I'm a bionic gear bag fan.

Here are my Sew Together Bags.  (ok so the pics of the first one I was "almost" done with it!)

And here is the bionic gear bag I have done.  I'm starting the second one this weekend.  If you want to see some of the great changes in the bionic gear bag watch this You Tube video!

And here is the one I"ve got finished!  Already given to the owner.... now to get mine made!

7 comments from wonderful readers:

antique quilter said...

and why didn't you tell me you were in NYC?????
I would have come in and met you.
ok LOVE this bag…wow you never cease to amaze me with the bags you make. beautiful and so handy.

I am back and sewing again…life is good

WoolenSails said...

It looks like you had a fun time in NY and great places to visit. Love the bags, that is a nice gift idea, now i just need to learn how to sew, and have never done a zipper.


Jan said...

OK, you amaze me. Bags w/zippers!!!! I had to replace a zipper in a dress for the Civic Theatre the other day and wished for you every minute. It was quite the ordeal.

Holly @ Hello Audrey Ruth said...

Oh man, sounds like so,e drama in the quilt community about those bags! I'm still waiting for my baby blue box ;)

fiberobsession said...

What an amazing statue! And that bag ain't so bad either.

Beeshebags said...

I too bought both patterns, but liked the 'tray' at the front of the BGB...they're great huh?

I have made two for friends, but haven't made mine yet...might wait for the revised pattern to do mine...then make the additions for my friends for Christmas bahahaha

Great job, love the pretty in pink in a swap and she's a girlie girl, and I have to do an 'S' gift, so might do the BGB Sewing pouch for her in similar fabrics to the pink one you did...thanks for the colour chart lol


AddieNCE said...

Hi :) just just found your blog while clicking on random links on the quilt mavericks list - and I saw your bionic gear bag - and off I went to purchase the pattern :D

Love your fabric choices!

Thanks for inspiring me to make a bag myself (and for my friends as well!)

Greetings all the way from good old Germany!