Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Life in our house is never dull!

Well I was all excited to show you that I finally got my Fall Moon all applique'd and got the inner border on last night.

First off that wasn't easy. Had to pick up my daughter from work last night. Last night she had to work at the ice cream shop alone and close up alone. I just can't believe they are letting 16 year olds close (and open) up shop alone! Anyway, I went to pick her up and she still had a huge list of things to do before she left. The owner had said they were quiet all day and he didn't do anything. So he had given her a list of things to do. Well she was really busy! Couldn't keep up with all the orders! So of course by 9:00pm she hadn't touched the list. So I went in and started to help. I washed down tables, cleaned glass, filled the cooler with bottles of pop and water, filled napkin things and in general straightened up. Poor Jenna was mopping floors, cleaning machines, balancing the register, etc. Wheh! We finally left at 9:45 and she hadn't done any of the "prepare" food containers for the next day or made the ice cream bars that needed to freeze. I told her no way, we would have been there until 11pm. It was a school night and she still needed to get home and do homework. I figured if the boss sat around all day, he could have done that! (And besides, I have to get up at 4:45am for work the next morning - I needed to get to bed!)

Anyway, I was almost done with the inside borders when she called to get her, so we got home, I sewed them on quick and then went to bed.

This morning my oldest calls and says she thinks Adam (my 17 year old problem at the moment) accidently typed in the wrong IM box last night and made some mention to her that he got called in to the Dean's office for truancy yesterday. Course when she IM'd him back asking about it he wouldn't reply. So she wanted to know if I knew anything about it. Of course I don't - that is the problem - he hates us and isn't about to tell us something like that. I thought that for sure the Dean's office would call us if they really did call him in wouldn't they? Holly just laughed and said no way, not if it was just truancy once - that happens too often!

Geez - how am I ever going to get these teens grown up safely and responsibly before I have a break down!!!!!

3 comments from wonderful readers:

Finn said...

Morning Dawn, your fall moon looks wonderful. I love the folk arty quality of it. Make me want to do some of that too...LOL..but I suffer from that disease sooooo much already. Maybe should just get busy and finish what I have started. I know there are at least 3 similar pieces waiting for me to baste and quilt them.

Boy..motherhood just never gets easier does it? Sure does sound like alot to put on such a young employee...not very mature of the owner/boss person. I think you and she deserve high praise for what all you DID get done. I hope that he sees that, and justn't just complain about what didn't get done. Sons..grrrr! 17 yr old...grrrr...try not to pull out your hair. He will get older, but I can't promise you smarter or more cooperative. I have 3 boys.

Tracey said...

Oh Dawn! That is BEAUTIFUL. Is this part of a quilt or a wallhanging? I *love* the folk art stuff.
Hang in there with the dd. Remember....he'll more then likely become a parent too someday...and then realize how smart his mom was. :o)

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

I hear you girlfriend!!! It sure isn't easy, but you sure aren't alone!