Saturday, September 03, 2005

Some Odds N Ends Projects

Well I did find a small amount of time this evening to quilt, so I am working on a few odds n ends projects. I had planned on sewing all day, but events changed that. But I have to get a bit in!

The bird bath "project" is an online row by row swap I am doing. I find that now and then this is really a good thing for me to do. It makes me think in a different way and makes me do things way out of my comfort zone. I don't think we always need to do that, but now and again it keeps things interesting. So for me this is very artsy - even though I know it really isn't. The theme was sidewalk type garden, and all the other rows are tall viney flowers. One did have a bird house in it also. I"m the 6th and last row. All these other flowers had been used and it seemed just too boring to put more vines and flowers in, so I came up with the bird bath idea. I found a picture of a bird bath online, enlarged it on a copy machine to make the bath part fit a 12" wide row (for both the top and bottom parts) and then drew lines to connect the two to make it very tall and skinny. Of course it had to have a bird in it and I thought a cardinal was perfect because it is a beautiful and interesting bird, not plain. About the only flower I could think of that hadn't been put in other rows that I could manage to pictorialize were holly hocks, so those got put on the bottom also. But then what to do with the top! Finally I figured out I could just put the branches of a weeping willow coming down and another bird flying in. I"m really happy with the outcome - for me it was a stretch, but I"m happy with how it came together. I still have to button-hole stitch all the holly hocks and leaves, but it is coming along.

The other project is going to be a small wallhanging just for fun for me! I got some of it appliqued last night waiting for my daughter to call to pick her up from the football game. It ended up not ending until 11:00pm! So I got more done on it than I thought. So tonight I just glued on the roof, pumpkins and head. I"ll work on that this week in the evenings. This project you can watch its progress as I go along. I"ll keep you updated on it!

Well Bonnie and Tonya have me so hooked on this thing I even had to log in and post today! Oh man, another quilty habit! :)

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Tonya Ricucci said...

Yeah, blogging is addictive - sorry about that :)
I really like the bird bath block, esp the holly hocks.