Thursday, September 22, 2005

Women's Lives 1850-1950 and Quilts

Well I finally got my pictures from the WI Quilt Expo posted on my webshots! Sorry it took so long. I'd love to put notes with them, but that will have to wait awhile I guess - I'm just too busy at work right now.

Pictures 3-6 are miniature quilts at a vendors booth. They finish to about 10"! They were amazing. And of course silly me decided that the way she does them I could too! So bought the freezer paper templates (already cut out) for the apple core one and the one in the first picture (pic 3). The hexagons are only .28"! We will see if I really try it! But I love that hexigon star don't you!

Pictures 7-17 are from Jennifer Chiaverini's lecture and are all quilts from her books. They were so fun to see!

Then finally are my favorites pictures 18-69 are from the lecture Women's Lives 1850-1950. These quilts were AWESOME! The quilts start out from just before 1850 and go forward in order. If I had thought I would have written down the dates for each as I took the picture - but no, didn't think of that until half way thru. But you can kind of guess as you go thru them. The fabrics and quilting were spectacular on them.

I also go my floor hoop last night! So tonight I"m off to the hardware store to get some stain and poly stuff to finish it so by weekend I can put it together! I wanted to put it together and use it right away of course, but I'm trying to be good and do it right first.


3 comments from wonderful readers:

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts! I love the one with the "cheddar" yellow background. Jen

Joanne said...

Love the pics of the quilts. Looking at the pyramids one with all different fabrics -- tomorrow we're having a Nickel Squares workshop at guild and the supplies list says to bring "16 sets of 5 of the same fabric" if you want your backgrounds to be the same, etc. Talked to two friends today, they are both cutting extra nickel squares to make sure their backgrounds match! I, on the other hand, hope that none of my backgrounds match! Guess that's why I'm a scrap quilter and they are much more in control!

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Oooh oooh and ooohhhh!!!! The cheddar one is calling to me SO much! I have some double 4 patch blocks that I haven't set because I couldn't think of anything to set them with...I might have to play with a cheddar solid and see what it does! thanks for the eye candy :c) (or is that eye-cheese??)