Sunday, February 05, 2006

Finally - all Gwen's pictures loaded!

OK, I finally got all of my pictures from Gwen's Lecture and class loaded! Sorry it took so long, but work was so crazy and I kind of crashed and burned this weekend!
Anyway, I loaded them all on my webshots area - that way if there are any anyone wants prints of you can just order them from that site. I figured that was a good way to share!

Just a short hi for tonight. I"ll hopefully be sewing some more this week and have some things to share! Oh one more quilt to share from the class. Gwen has lectured at this quilt guild 3 times now. The first time she became close friends with one of the ladies. Not long ago I guess she died and the below is a quilt top she had finished before she died and someone had finished quilting it for the family. They brought the quilt in to class to show Gwen - isn't it great!

5 comments from wonderful readers:

Cher said...

I love when folks take up the quilt torch that way when a quilter dies almost done with a quilt-and they get it done for the family. great photos!

Tonya Ricucci said...

Love the center of that bottom quilt with the dark background and the eagle. Gotta say that liberated log cabin in brights makes my heart sing.

sorry work is stressful. hope it's all uphill from now on.

Darcie said...

Your Gwen Marston quilt show for us has been so inspirational, Dawn. And your excitement is contagious! Thanks for all of your sharing.

Laura said...

Dawn - thanks so much for sharing! I love the quilt at the top, must be a crib quilt. Her stuff is to dye for!

Finn said...

Thanks for doing all that work of loading the pics Dawn, sure do appreciate getting to see them and hear your comments. Love the bright log cabin you've shown here...*VBS*