Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Yes I"m ready for some sun and spring!

I"m not really a spring fan - I love fall much better, but I"m just feeling a need for some sun, so bring on the spring! (Well ok, only if it is sunny and not rainy!) So to get me in the mood I've changed my "look" once again - just for a short time.

Here is a new Block of the Month my mom bought me for a Christmas present this year. This is block 1. The name of the quilt is Hot Chocolate and it will all be snowmen blocks. I need to do the stitching yet on the block, but at least I got it this far.

A few of you have written to ask if I"m ok. I am. My mom went to the hospital last week and just got out today so I'm going to be leaving Friday to fly out and see her. So I"ll be away for another week. I'm not sure if I"ll find time to blog or not. And if I do I doubt I'll have anything to blog about anyway! In case your wondering she is doing ok, but will never be quite "better". She is starting to see the effects of diabetes and is slowly loosing her eye sight and last week her kidney's were only working at 10%. So while she was in good spirits today when I talked to her, she is thinking she would like me to come visit. My sister lives next door so I'll get to see her and her kids too!

So don't fret when you don't hear from me - I"ll be back!

5 comments from wonderful readers:

Darcie said...

Been thinking so much of you lately, Dawn. Wish I would have written much sooner.

Please know that my prayers and thoughts are with you and your concerns, no matter where you are!

I wish I had some wisdom to share with you about sons. I'm still growing mine. The only thing that I can think of is to hug and squeeze the daylights right out of him, no matter how much it hurts either one of you.

Take care friend!

Quiltgranny said...

Will be thinking of your mom - I know how hard it is to see your parents failing. Take care of yourself, too!

Finn said...

So sorry to hear about your Mom's decline. But I am glad that you can go now, rather than later. It really does matter...and you know i'll keep you and her in my prayers. I had throught maybe your absence was about Kathie, and had forgotten you mom was ill..sorry. We'll be here waiting to welcome you back with open arms..Hugs, Finn

Tonya Ricucci said...

Dawn, sorry to hear your Mom isn't doing well. Best wishes for all of you.

The liberated log cabin turned out really well - love the pieced back.

Cher said...

so good that you can get back and spend time with your mom and help your sister by being there too. as Finn said, better now than later. just keep taking the best care of yourself possible-hugs