Wednesday, February 08, 2006

One Last Charity Quilt

You all have been seeing all the charity quilts I've been making from my stash. Feb was Charity Month for our guild so I was trying to get them done for that. I have one last charity quilt I didn't show you because I never got the binding on! But I got it pieced and quilted, so I took it to guild along with the binding fabric and another lady volunteered to do the binding! We have several ladies who like to do the bindings at charity night so that worked out great.

So above is my last charity quilt for this round - minus the binding! It was a floral fabric I had in my stash that I made stack n whack 4-patches out of! It turned out cute! It wasn't the perfect fabric for stack n whack - but for charity it worked out good enough!

I"ll be doing more charity quilts throughout the year, but for a month or so I'm going to take a break! Especially since I'm still running in circles at work and have had NO time for quilting the last 2 weeks - I'm totally depressed about that! Especially when I see all the fun things Kathie is making! I want her sewing room, stash and time!!!!! I'm sooo jealous! But you know, there are times when I get sewing up a storm and she can't so it almost evens out, I'm just bummed right now because I'm in the no time for quilting spot!

3 comments from wonderful readers:

Laurie Ann said...

Very cute quilt!

Well, I was just deciding NOT to do punchneedle and then you showed those pictures. Dang!! They are so cute! Please let us know where you buy your kits, patterns. I found a place on-line, but they seemed kinda spendy. Also, how do you get frames that are so perfect?

Laura said...

Neat quilt Dawn. I don't know how you find the time to do charity quilts, between your job and your kids and all the other wonderful stuff you are doing!

Darcie said...

I can't help but wonder why you're giving away such a pretty...girly...florally quilt, Dawn! LOL Seriously though, I know the needy ones receiving your quilts are going to think they've struck gold! You're so kind!

And your little punch needle pieces are to die for, as usual. I can't believe how you can *punch* them out so quickly!!! You are Crazy Dawn!