Wednesday, February 15, 2006

WOW - I had better get busy!

WOW! I had better get busy making birthday wall hangings! And I found out I do have friends who have birthdays that are not in May!!!!

4 comments from wonderful readers:

Crystal said...

Hi Dawn,
Its me again! Thanks for your help with the HTML on my blog. Just wanted to let you know I found another site that was a HUGE help I'm going to go in and change a few of their things but it's a definite start. At least now I have all of the columns that I want.
Crystal in IL

Finn said...

Hi Dawn, using the path of least resistance and posting to this entry. The angel is wonderful, but I can't think of anything for her head. Nothing seems appropiate..hope someone thought of something.
Like the wall hanging of the weekend, and HURRAY for the binding on the row by row! Now you're cooking again..Hugs, Finn

Barb Vedder said...

quicky tech question: how do i put a title on my comments page? I still have total tech envy of you!

Quiltgranny said...

LOVE the row by row quilt, and I usually don't care for them at all - but this one is my favorite! And btw, MY birthday is in APRIL! LOL!