Monday, May 08, 2006

Busy, busy weekend - And my Secret Project...

I mentioned my secret project the last few months. Well I can finally show it to you. It was our guilds challenge quilt "The Demise of Sunbonnet Sue", and we had our contest last week - so I can finally share mine with you. I didn't win anything, but the entries were really funny! To see all the entries and winners you can go to our guild's challenge page.

It started out as innocent fun
hamburgers, hot dogs on a bun.
And then she added a spectacular treat,
A gooey messy confection sweet.
Marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker S'more,
A snack that she always did adore.
But darn those pesky bonnet strings,
they got caught up in the melted thing.
They sucked her up into the mess,
and oozed and melted on her dress.
Sue got pulled in the sandwich nest,
her demise the treat that she loved best!

We also had a very busy weekend. Emily had the conference track meet Saturday, so I spent about 3 hours out in the sun and got burnt - yes I should have known better. At least it isn't really that bad. Just a touch red. But it was so cool and beautiful out!

Then Jenna had prom Saturday night so we had the whole nails, pedicure, hair and dressing up thing, and pictures at several houses. I have to admit, she was gorgeous. And Holly thought up the idea of the mug shot since Jenna was pouting because she was sick of mom taking pictures.

Sunday Emily had confirmation. Oh and of course she never liked any shoes we had found so we had to squeeze that in on Saturday also. She kept whining she wanted to wear flip flops! And I had a terrible time getting her to buy a skirt. This girls lives for long boys basket shorts and T-shirts. She is not my girly girl like Jenna!
The entire weekend was goregous as you can see from the pictures, and I even got some of our flowering bushes and trees in for Bonnie and Lucy.

Boy - I hope I can rest up now this week! Good news is I had a chance to sew a bit yesterday afternoon and made some progress on some UFO's! I'll be sharing those later this week! (I hope - I want to see if I can get them finished!)

11 comments from wonderful readers:

Darcie said...

Oh! I'm so glad that you shared Jenna's prom with us! Your pictures are terrific. Love the mug shot! Wish Holly would have thought of that for our Prom-goer! LOL

What a weekend! Glad to hear that you got some sewing it. You're a very good time manager, Dawn! ;-)

Darcie said...

Your Sun Bonnet's Demise is just too cute!!! You're a genius, Dawn!

Very nice graham crackers and Hershey's bar...did you do real trapunto on the graham cracker?

You're a winner in my book!

Tonya R said...

Hmm, if I gotta go,Death by S'mores doesn't sound too bad. At least it'd be yummy.

You did a great job, but can I just say I really hope this IS the end of the dreaded sunbonnet sue, one of my least favorite quilt designs ever. good to see her go down.

The Calico Cat said...

Love the smores quilt! (BTW one of those girls on the right is wearing the dress that my brides maids wore... black with white on the top...)

computerpeach said...

"Death by Smores" ... what a wonderful way to go! Your depiction is just wonderful!! The quilting on the grahm cracker is awsome! Also - thank you for sharing pics of Jenna's prom - she is beautiful!

Ann said...

LOVE The Smores project! It is just to cute! I think I'm going to send your page to a freind/fellow guild member who also hates Sunbonnet Sue! I'm sorry you didn't take first prize with this one, I think you should have!!

ForestJane said...

I shared the 'Demise of Sunbonnet Sue' page with my guild, on our bulletin board. I'dlike to try a challenge like that, I have no liking for Sue either... :)

My favorites, after your s'mores version, are the one where she gets eaten by the cat or buried under an avalanche of her stashed fabrics. Which one won? I see the names, but can't connect the names with a winning photo.

Lucy said...

I love your sunbonnet doll!!!! To me you won the first price...
And your daughter is looking so pretty at her prom.. I hope she have had a good evening. Ohh and your tree is awesome . I love those blooming trees. Yes. and mine are now snowing poink leaves. It is almost over :c(

Laurie Ann said...

You shoulda won a prize! What a great idea and cute poem! Your daughter was the prettiest in the picture, you should be proud.

Joanne said...

Beautiful kids! Pretty prom dress and pics.
Loved seeing all the pics from Paducah -- thanks for sharing! You take great photographs and everything is so inspiring. How fun to meet up with internet friends. Glad you had a great time.

Samantha said...

What a creative sunbonnet sue!!