Thursday, May 18, 2006

My star swap "quilts"

I saw Jeanne's beautiful star quilt she finished - yes I'm jealous - from a Star swap she did last year. I did the same star swap so thought I would share my pictures.

I did finish the one quilt above (I made 2 quilts out of my swap blocks). The other I'm still trying to figure out what kind of border to do. I'm thinking now of slapping on a bunting print I found at Hancock's in Paducah - Exact same colors as the fabrics in the sashing - in fact I think it was from the same line.

Below is the quilt my friend made with her stars she swapped! Just had to share these with you since Jeanne shared hers!

7 comments from wonderful readers:

Finn said...

Oh Dawn, I love your star quilts!! and your friends also! Is that Kathie's??? Looks like it could be..*G*
I especially like the one with the 3 part lattice. I've used that idea long, long ago, but had mostly forgotten about it...pretty soon we'll all be doing stars!!!

KCQuilter said...

Dawn, love, love, love your star quilts! Was the swap the one on Pat Sloan's list? I didn't participate in that one, but now I wish I had!!! They're gorgeous.

ForestJane said...

Ohh, nice star quilts!

Now you're making me think of putting this kind of star in the one I'm doing right now... :)

Tonya R said...

Ooh, fun to see how different all the quilts turn out from the same swap.

Sorry you're working on all sorts of secret stuff you can't share yet. But soon.

Laura said...

Dawn the bunting fabric would look great on that quilt! Good idea!

Fiona said...

The star quilts are beautiful - just gotta love that red, white and blue colourway.

Lily said...

Dawn I like your idea of using a 9-patch as a post on your star swap quilt. It's very effective with the stripey sashing.

I like the wonky stars. They look great!