Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just plain fun quilts!

I thought I would share some of the more humorous and fun quilts at Paducah today.

First of all - who doesn't love Elvis! My kids still believe he is alive!!! OK, well not anymore, but when they were young and they saw an Elvis impersonator at fairs and such they thought he was the "REAL Elivis"! This quilt was from a pattern in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine called "I Love the Fabric but What Do I Do with It?"! Don't you love the unused tickets on the bottom - They were for some date in 1977 and the price was $7.50! Geez, you can't even buy enough gas to get to a concert these days for that price!

This quilt won 1st place for Handmade Quilts. It was called "These are a few of my Favorite Things". (Can you tell I finally remembered to bring my book in to work with the descriptions and information!). The radial images are all inspired by things the maker enjoys.

I could make out a lot of the "things" but boy some I couldn't figure out. I wish now I would have taken closeup pictures of all of them to look at now! Here are Candy Canes I'm guessing.

And School House, Bell and Apples. Around it I can make out Postage Stamps to the bottom left. And I think Elephants to the top right.

Lilies of the Valley, Thimbles and yo-yo's or tatting or something and cats, ball of yarn and hearts to the far right.

And for you Cat Lovers - A naughty, naughty cat called "I didn't Do It"!

And one of my favorite fun ones - "Sunday in the Park with Mittens". This shows the makers local dog park with dogs she has known through her life - aren't they awesome!!!!

And a fun more folk arty (kinda) looking dog one called "A Dog Called Moda". The maker originally made this for the fairly recent Moda Challenge and was her first totally original design. There was a really cute poem on the quilt also - but I can't recall it anymore.

And "Bring Back the 30's" was made for the makers daughter who collects '30s hats, shoes and purses. She used several patterns but made an original layout.

And last but not least for today is "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner". Each plate is in the style of one of the maker's (this was a joint quilt) favorite quilters.

That's all for today!!!!!

13 comments from wonderful readers:

Quiltbirdie said...

Take another look at the pink candy canes - I think they are treble clefs!

Finn said...

Great pictures Dawn!! I doubt I will ever get there to see such, but it's so much fun to see them on the computer.
You did a great job. I just can't even imagine making some of those..LOL..guess I've lived with this version of eyesight for too long now, when I can't even imagine doing something like the "my favorite things" one..*VBS*

Tonya R said...

Ooh, that bad kitty looks soooo lifelike.What a sweetie pie. Love the awesome dogs too.

KCQuilter said...

LOve, love, love the pet quilts--especially naughty kitty. I have two like that!!! Thanks for sharing.

The Calico Cat said...

Thanks for sharing. (My favorite things was at Mid Atlantic too.) Thanks for sharing the Elvis quilt, I love it... Great inspiration for using some of my kitty fabrics - suprised? I'm not either!

Patti said...

Thanks for the wonderful show Dawn. I can't remember seeing pictures of any of these on other websites.

Laura said...

I love that Elvis quilt, I love Elvis! I can still remember sitting in Mr. Sink's 8th grade Social Studies class when he broke the news to us that Elvis was dead. Recently while in Florida we went and saw an Elvis impersonator. He sang Love Me Tender to Riah and I and kissed our hands. We swooned, okay I am backing up here, I should say I swooned.

Alena said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, it is always fun to see these exhibitions, I had a great time on your blog...

Judy said...

Oh I had such fun fgiuring out what the rings were. You are right about the school houses.. but it's not elephants! This is so fun! Look at it sideways a bit and the blue/green is a MALLARD ducks head! with the yellow bills pointing towards the center!

The brown one next to the schools is cats too! the outer ring is cats back to back with what looks like W's over the tails. I wonder if her cats have names and she put a ring in for each of them. I like the postage stamps! I love the Lily of the valleys! Some were impossible to figure out! It was fun though. Thanks!

All the quilts are beautiful!

Lily said...

Wow so many different types of quilts. I actually quite like the coming to dinner one - haven't seen anything like that before. Interesting concept.

Also the bring back the 30s. Love a good themed quilt!

I can't even imagine going to something like Paducah - the shows here in Australia are on a much, much, much smaller scale! Thanks for sharing with us. It's almost like being there!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Too fun! Thanks for sharing - and such a big variety!



Darcie said...

Once again, Dawn, more terrific pics of Paducah! Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us...and Laura's and Co. ;-)

Samantha said...

thanks for sharing that elvis quilt- too much fun!