Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why do I do this?

I don't know why I do this to myself! I"m working the last week on the coolest things but can't share them yet on my blog because "others" might see! (Sounds like Lost doesn't it! :))

Actually one is a birthday present for my best quilting buddy Lynn whose birthday is next week, but she is probably reading this right now so I don't want her to see it yet! I probably will get together with her this weekend so then I can share it. I"m booked solid the weekend of her birthday with graduations, 3 graduation parties (2 at my house) and the family memorial day party. Nope - no time that weekend!

And the other is the mystery quilt I wrote for our quilt guild. It is turning out sooo awesome! But I don't want to share that either because someone from the guild may see it - I don't want to spoil the surprise.
So instead I"m just sitting here wishing I could share my fun things with you. Oh well, all in good time I guess. In the meantime the only thing I had to share with you for a picture is my youngest daughter Emily last weekned at her 8th grade banquet (she is the one on the far right in the top picture). We had a wonderful time! And for once she looked so nice not in boys basketball shorts and tshirts! She is thinking of going out for tennis next fall in high school - boy I want to see her in a cute little tennis skirt!

5 comments from wonderful readers:

Sharon said...

8th Grade! How grown up they all look - and you're right, she's a cutie in that light blue skirt. It's a perfect color for her. Don't they grow up fast?

Laura said...

Emily looks gorgeous in her blue! You must have been so proud. We don't have anything like that here in the 8th grade. It sounds like so much fun for the kids. I can't wait to see your mystery!

Finn said...

What a sweet looking young lady she is getting to be...they grow up soooo fast.

You are killing us with suspense with all these mystery projects..you tease!!! But we love ya, Hugs, Finn

Lily said...

Dawn there is no way you are old enough to have an 8th-grade daughter!!!

C'mon, show us those projects!!

Darcie said...

Emily looks lovely, Mom! Those tomboy bodies always look terrific in girlie clothes, don't they!