Friday, May 19, 2006

Hot Chocolate BOM

Kim wanted to know the name of the snowman BOM. It is a Pearl Louise snowman BOM called "Hot Chocolate". She has had a lot of snowmen BOM's. You can see it here at the bottom of the page for Thimble Cottage's BOM page.

Above is month 4! Completed! Now to get the 4 months together for you to see! And an interesting fact about me - even though I"m "middle aged" and have 4 children I also can still do the splits like Mr Snowman above! (I can't get up as easy anymore - but at least I can still get down!)

3 comments from wonderful readers:

Tonya R said...

Ouch, really? I've never in my life been able to do the splits. Another fun block.

Lily said...

SO where's the photo of you doing the splits? LOL. Like Tonya I've never been able to do the splits (despite nearly ripping myself apart when I was 13 trying over and over again!!). Guess I'm not that bendy :)

That snowman BOM was advertised in the Australian Quilter's Companion a while back - it looks like a fun quilt to make!

cher said...

adorable snowman- what a fun series of blocks these are!