Monday, October 02, 2006

Dance and Zippers

OK sewing stuff first! A lot of you mentioned that you can't do these bags because you never learned how to put in zippers. Well, I HATE sewing clothes and don't think I can do a zipper anymore in clothes either. But almost all of those zippered bags below are sooo easy and sewing the zipper in those is nothing like sewing zippers in clothes! You would be surprised at how easy it is. It basically is just like sewing 2 pieces of fabric together. You sew all the zippers to the fabric before it has its shape, so everything is flat. The only one I have to play with is the zippers in my 2 favorite bags (top picture in the sewing bag post). Those get sewn in by hand after the bag itself is made. So that one can be kind of tricky to get it to lay right. But the others - easy as pie! If enough of you decide you want to try a zipper, I could walk you through a zippered bag similar to the pet screen bag - only using fabric instead. Then you wouldn't need to buy the pet screen which comes on big rolls for a screen door! Just let me know.

Now on to the silly stuff for the day - Dance! None of you know this, but in my younger (and much thinner years) I did dance! I was a ballerina want-to-be. I wasn't much into the jazzy and modern stuff, but loved the ballet and pointe work. In fact I did ballet/pointe up till my second pregnancy. But I never spent the money or time to become a real ballerina. All these memories came back in talking with California Girl in OZ who was a "REAL BALLERINA"! So I had to dig some old pictures out to share with her! My real love like I said was pointe, but in my college days I went to school in upstate NY and they were so into jazz and modern. They didn't teach much in the line of ballet - and no pointe - I had to do that on my own. So my college pics are pretty much different dancing than my true love. But they are fun to look back on. Remember these are old so the quality has lot to be desired! But I thought you would all have fun looking at them.

The top picture had to be my most fun dance in my 4 years. It was to a song "Ice Cream Man" or the ice cream man. I've never been able to find that song again - but it was just a plain fun dance. You can barely see me in that picture. I"m on the far right, second person - so you just see me peeking around the front person!

I have no idea what song this dance was to - but we all had these really fun hats and did all kinds of things with the hats! I'm the one in the front right with the long braid.

This next one was one of the few ballet like dances we did. I'm in the front right in the dark suit.

This was one of my other fun dances we did. The song was "Put the Lime in the Coconut"! It was a fun toe tapping song! I'm the one sitting on the floor.

This one was some weird modern dance we did. We had to be things like Chinese Rocks (whatever that would be) and Seaweed! Unfortunately they got a good shot of my butt in this one! (my backside with the leg in the air).

And the ever popular show tunes - New York, New York. I'm the one on the front left - once again with my leg in the air! Are you seeing a theme! :)Yup, if I couldn't be a ballerina I wanted to be a Rockette!

Hope you had some good laughs at these vintage photos!

13 comments from wonderful readers:

Dianne said...

GREAT dance pics, Dawn...thanks for sharing! Isn't it a funny experience to see photos of yourself dancing? I always think, gee, I could never do that...oh, wait, I DID do that! You look absolutely wonderful in these...happy memories!

quiltpixie said...

I'm always amazed at dance photos -- I don't think I ever had the chance to be that limber!

And yes, I'd take you up on a zipper tutorial if you're giving one...

Linda C. said...

Loved the dance pix. About three years ago, our company had its 110th anniversary, and we had an open house. One of my pet surveyors arrived, and we were chatting by the door. I had broken my leg (a chip fracture above my right ankle) about ten days before, and had on an air cast. He had knee surgery. At the point when we were comparing injuries, our photo was snapped. There we stand, his arm around my waist, and mine around his, and both with our right feet extended. It looks exactly as though we are about to take off on some fabulous Fred and Ginger move. Just cracks me up everytime I see it.

Patti said...

How fun Dawn! I never would have guess that about you. So can you still dance? Do you still have the flexibility even though you were thinner then (you said that, so no offense meant).

I always wanted to dance. But I have no coordination. I can do the old stuff like waltz, foxtrot, polka, etc. but once rock and roll hit I was lost. In the old dances all I had to worry about was my feet. As soon as I had to add arms and body movements along with foot movements I became a total failure. I can do one or the other by itself, but to make all parts of my body work together in any sort of modern dance - never in a million years!

Tazzie said...

Hey there Dawn, thank you so much for sharing the pictures, my daughter does dance, though not as seriously as she used to. She'll love to see the pictures, you look very good, your lines are wonderful!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Great photos - you even remember the songs! What fun memories for you.



Melanie said...

Great're beautiful!

Tonya Ricucci said...

no laughing here - you look fabulous.

Darcie said...

No laughing with me, either! You're amazing! I hope that you have these wonderful memories in the form of pictures framed and showcased. Whether dancing is or was a dream...I think it's important for our kids to know that we really are (were?) human!

Amazing!!! Good heavens...the talent that pours out of you!

(oh my! my code below...the first three letters are dnc! dncbknxp. too funny!)

tami said...

Nice dance pics. I didn't dance, but I wanted to. DD is a professional ballet dancer now and I have sat through more classes than I could count. I just love to watch her. I can hear what she would say about your pictures now. "Great feet!"

ForestJane said...

I'm impressed!

I think you ought to put it all in a quilt - not a pink and white dance quilt, but something more elegant. :)

Angie said...

I want to learn, please please please, how to do the zippers in the bags!!! Your bags are adorable...pretty please, can I have instructions???
Thanks bunches!

Laura said...

Dawn - wow you look wonderful! I was a dancer (or at least attempted to be) also. I did tap! I would probably fall on my you know what if I tried it now. These were fun, thanks for sharing!