Monday, October 02, 2006

Dance Update

Patti wanted to know if I still could Dance and had flexibility still. Well I can still kick my leg high, but I couldn't hold it higher than waist hieght for too long. And yes I can still do the splits. But I don't promise how pretty it would be to get up from there!!!!

I can still do basic ballet moves fairly gracefully, but don't ask me to do multiple pirourettes. I could do one, but that probably is the most! Oh and no pointe shoes anymore - no way!

I also did gymnastics in High School - there is no way I could do an ariel's or backbendy things anymore. Anything with stomach muscles - no way.

1 comments from wonderful readers:

Quiltgranny said...

What a fun item to reveal about yourself! Dance is the direct link to your soul, someone told me a long time ago. good for you to dance in public, and now to be able to share those "vintage" pixs, too. I dance when no one's watching! LOL!