Monday, January 22, 2007

More about the Scrap Projects

I had so many questions about how I got all that cut out from the strips I thought I would try and show you. I didn't have time last night to actually take pictures as I cut so I tried to draw it out for you - remember an artist I'm NOT! And the scale is a bit off, but this should help.

Also Bonnie was kind enough to confirm for me what book it was that did that magic 9-patch trick. The book is shown above. It is Slice 'Em & Dice 'Em Quilts by Nancy Brenan Daniel. I have to get this book now!

OK now for the scraps. From a 4" x 20" strip (dark strip) I cut as below.
Sorry, when I scanned the picture the lines didn't turn out as dark as I hoped and didn't look at the picture until this morning. Anyway, I cut the 4 dark Kaleido pieces first. Then the triangle. Then the tumbler. sometimes I can get 2 tumblers. Then a 1-1/2" x 4" strip for the my small 9-patches.
The Kaleido ruler (above) I'm using is by Marti Michell. You can cut all the size pieces you need from this ruler and it has great markings and instructions. Here is the "how to" online also.

For the triangles I'm using the Tri ruler (above) from the Tri-Recs set. You'll find these all over, even at JoAnns. I LOVE this ruler. I use it for lots of different things. Once again you can see how to use it here.

And last is the tumbler. I just happen to have a tumbler that makes about a 5 or 6" tumbler, but all I do is line up the top of the tumbler template to the top of the fabric strip and cut (so the bottom of it hangs off the strip of fabric). Mine came from Quilters Harvest, but you can find tumbler templates everywhere also.
One thing I didn't show is for the light part of the Kaleido block you also need 4 additional smaller triangles. I didn't draw a picture for this, but it is a similar idea. I cut the 4 big Kaleido pieces. Then the remainder of the 4"x20" strip I cut down to 3" high. From that I use the other corner of the Kaleido tool to cut the 4 corner triangles. I don't worry about a triangle or tumbler from that strip.

I sure hope this helps.....

5 comments from wonderful readers:

Anonymous said...

You are a very clever girl -- I'm going to have to dig through my scraps and see what fun I can have.

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial...thanks for sharing. I getting into my scraps when I get back from Chicago next week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to write the tutorial. I think I'm going to start cutting 4" strips from my fabrics as my own scrap projects.

Anonymous said...

Well now you've gone and done it!
I am going to be a crazy woman going thru my scraps now!!
I have this huge tub up in the bowels of the attic that I put away when I revamped my sewing room the first time, and NOW I finally know what I am going to do with them, besides give them away :-)
Thanks for such a wonderful tutorial, and now I finally get to see your tumbler template! I like it..very different than the small one I have.

sossy said...

Hey Dawn. What an inspiring few posts. I found a tumbler template, pulled out my triangles, and also made a tope with the nine-patch trick. Check it out on my blog. I love the Kaleido one and am going to have to check into that one. You are awesome!!!