Sunday, September 17, 2006

Quilt the Canister Pieces

Sorry, I had to take a small break to make pie! Mmmmm! We have 3 apple trees in our yard so I made pie today with them. It isn't my best looking pie I have ever made but I"m sure it will taste awesome! I still make pie crust myself the old fashioned way with lard, so weather plays a lot into how it works up - today; well it wasn't so good!

Here are what my pieces look like after they are quilted. Once you have this much done you actually have all the hard parts done!

Someone wanted to know what to use for a circle template. Your going to have to be creative on that one. I have circle templates for quilting, so I have a ton of sizes available, just find one that is about the right size. If nothing else draw a circle on paper with a pencil and string. The string should be just a tad over 3" from the pencil to where you hold it on the paper.

3 comments from wonderful readers:

Sue said...

That pie looks good, I've been wanting to make one and guess I'd better take a break from quilting and get to it.
If I get time I hope to make a fabric canister, too, that is so cute!

Darcie said...

That fabric canister would be great to *hide* a can of coffee, wouldn't it? A top could be made the same way, if one were picky about the coffee cover showing.

(I know...I love the freshly ground stuff too...but my grinder makes too much noise in the I avert it and turn to the lazy can of coffee!)

Tazzie said...

I'm definitely going to make myself one of these cannisters, it looks just soooo cute! Your apple pie looks lovely too, I could use some of the canned apples from the other day to make one just like it!