Monday, September 18, 2006

Web Page of Quotes

Oh back about July or August someone posted on their site a few web pages of quotes, and had mentioned about how many returns they got back on their favorites when they put in scraps, or fabric or patches or something like that.

How was that and what was that page! I tried to search all your blogs but I just can't find it - there are way too many of you! :)

May Britt left me a page and it had this saying on it - I LOVE it!

"My husband lets me have all the craft supplies I can hide!"

2 comments from wonderful readers:

May Britt said...

I do remember that quotes someone had but do not remember which one. But I have a link I often use, perhaps this one can help you find some quotes.

Libby said...

That quote says a lot. *s*