Saturday, November 19, 2005

I need some suggestions

The above quilt I was "hired" to quilt for someone in our guild for her granddaughter. She seems to think I'm the best stippler around. I don't have a long arm and I"m not a "professional" quilter like you all are, but I can hold my own on my Pfaff. Nothing fancy for quilting, but simple I can handle.

What I need an idea for is the sashings. She wants small stippling around the princesses (not micro - just small). I can do that. And I"ll a bit larger stippling on the outer border. Where I'm stuck is the sashings. She just said to do some loop dee-loop things. I"m not sure that is the best solution. She is happy with whatever I do there, but what should I do?

Anyone have any suggestions? HELP!!!!!!!!!
And this is one reason I don't quilt for other people! It makes me terrified they won't like it! But she is a kind older lady and she begged and I just had to say yes.

3 comments from wonderful readers:

Leah Spencer said...

What about hearts? That look like figure 8s cuz half of them are upside down? I could privately email you a photo if that doesn't make sense. I'm sure I've seen it somewhere, but haven't got a clue.

Darcie said...

Or something that I call a "ziggle?"

It's sort of related to a meander/stipple...but has more uniformity or pattern, if you will. Kind of like this, maybe?


Oooh...not quite. I do my real ones more curvey, of course...not this rigid-looking.

In the above "doodle," try to picture an upsidedown underscore occuring after that last vertical...and then another vertical...then a real underscore...repeat.

It goes pretty fast after you get a rhythm going...and it's a nice addition to stippling.

Good luck in whatever you choose!


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I think connecting hearts. Going down could do all 1/2 hears on 1 side of the binding, turn the quilt and then do the other 1/2 heart going back the other way - this would keep it continuous. The sashings going across you could also do all connecting hearts, but would have to skip over the hearts going down.

Another possibility is stars - they are so easy and can be all different sizes - connecting tails will keep the design continuous.

Take out a piece of paper and doodle a bit and then pick whatever design you are most comfortable with.