Monday, November 14, 2005

It is getting close to Turkey Time!

Well it is getting close to Turkey Time! I finally took out my turkey wall hanging and put it up last weekend! Only problem with thanksgiving wall hangings is it comes so fast after Halloween I have to be quick!

I worked on 2 raffle quilts for our grade schools 8th grade and also on my class blocks for the BOM I'm doing at my local quilt shop. I'll have to get pictures of all of those later this week. I also worked on my wool mat a bit. So once again, little bits of things, but not much to show yet.

Also went to see the movie "Dreamer" with my youngest and we loved it! Dakota Fanning was just way too cute in it, and the movie just had such a nice story. Something to go and just get away from daily life and enjoy! Emily and I had a wonderful mother-daughter outing Saturday (besides the movie it included underwear and bra shopping for her - now is that fun or what!).

Enjoy the turkey!

3 comments from wonderful readers:

Darcie said...

Cute Turkey!

Or...cute, turkey!!! ;-} LOL

My daughters went away this weekend to my sister's house...and they saw "Dreamer." They said that I would DEFINITELY cry!!! Go figure!


Finn said...

I like that bird..he definitely qualifies for Big Bird of the Month...*VBS*

So glad to hear you got out for some fun stuff too. Gotta do that, they grow up so fast.

Tonya Ricucci said...

gobble, gobble, gobble. yeah, the season is even shorter when you go off on fun retreats.