Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Oh What a Day it has been!

First off - thought I would share my progress on my little ornament wool matt! I got all the leaves sewn on now and a few berries. The rest of the berries now sport that favorite embellishment - staples! But the big achievement was I got all the snowflake sewing done on the ornament this weekend! Doesn't it really add to the ornament!

So as I stated in my title - it has been one of those days. It is cold, rainy and gray here in Northern IL. YUCK. Well I left for work at 5:45am. Got about 5 miles from my house and can you believe it - I broke off a huge chunk of the back of my bottom front tooth! Don't even ask. So I turned around and went home. Waited for the dentist to open and was there waiting when they did! As it turns out, the only thing he could do to fix it was a crown. So I spent 1.5 hrs doing all the fitting for the crown (now don't forget I have to still go back in next week and get fitted for another one on the tooth I just got the root canal done on!). That done I head into work. In this weather it took me about 1 hr 15 mins. Get parked and get out of the car. And can you believe it - I was thinking so much about all the work I had to get done, and my tooth hurting that I locked my keys and purse in the car! So I had to come in and pound on the door of our floor to get someone to let me in (my badge was in my purse) and call my husband to come unlock the door for me. He is a landscaper - so luckily he was home baking brownies for the kids since it was raining! The poor guy had to come all the way down here to unlock my car - but at least he knew better than to even complain or set me off! :)

Tomorrow has got to be better doesn't it????!!!!!

6 comments from wonderful readers:

Quiltgranny said...

Oh yes - tomorrow will be better. Remember what Scarlett said - why worry today about what I can worry about tomorrow!

I love the snowflakes on the ornament!

Joanne said...

Great job on the snowflakes -- I thought at first that it was a piece of fabric that had snowflakes on it. Looks fabulous.

And yes -- tomorrow will be a better day -- (I'd have gone back home after locking my keys in the car! vbg)

Finn said...

The mat is coming along nicely..I love the snowflakes on the ornament. And I'll echo the gals..tomorrow will be better..heaven forbid it could be any worse. Such bad news about the tooth..those darn dental issues..you've had your share lately. Hugs, Finn

Tonya Ricucci said...

I love the ornament - how did you do the snowflakes? Is that embroidery floss?
No no no, not more dental work. Did you at least get a permanent crown on this recent one or are you going to have to go back and get that one redone too?
My Mom #1 was notorious for locking the keys in the car - her classic trick was to leave the keys in the ignition with the motor running...

Sarah said...

The snowflakes do look great!
Sorry about your tooth! Yesterday was my 4 year old son's first trip to the dentist. He was so good. And now he is very proud of his shiny clean teeth!

Hope your day goes better!


Bonnie K. Hunter said...

STAPLES!!! I thought they were stems! *LOL* It's looking great :c)

hang in there with the tooth issues.... :c( Hate that!