Monday, November 28, 2005

Princess Progress

Well I didn't get to any of Tonya's letters, but I did get a lot of the stippling done on the princess quilt! I'll feel better when that is done and back to the owner! Boy that minky doesn't slide as nicely as cotton on a home machine - but it sure is soft and cuddly! And doesn't the stippling around the princesses make them look so fun! It sure adds to the quilt a lot of texture and an interesting look. The picture above really shows how much the quilting in the blocks adds to the quilt compared to the undone blocks in the top right!

Spent a lot of time with my daughter who was home from college. Did a bit of Christmas shopping and just watched movies and goofed around - so not getting a lot of sewing done was well worth it!

I"m off now to check out everyone's blogs and catch up from the weekend! The time it takes for me to connect and browse on dial up isn't worth it - I decided it was worth the wait until Monday when I could sit back and enjoy them with high speed with a cup of tea!

6 comments from wonderful readers:

Darcie said...

Adds interest and texture, indeed Dawn! Way to go with the machine quilting...your work makes it look just awesome!

Thanks for sharing!


Finn said...

The stippling looks great..I know you'll be glad to get that one out of your hands...*VBS* But what a sweetie you are to be doing it..!

Tracey said...

You mean, there's more than just dial-up out there?!?! Huh... too bad I'll never know anything different. :oP

That quilt is amazing. You are doing such a fabulous job! Hats off to you machine quilters!

Lucy said...

I think my little daughter fall in love at this quilt

Quiltgranny said...

The stippling really does make those designs POP! It would drive me nuts to do it, though, LOL! Whadda friend you are to do it for her.

Surprises me about the Minky not sliding easily. I'm glad you are reporting on that, because I keep looking at it and thinking about it. Now, it's easier not to actually buy it!

Joanne said...

Beautiful job, Dawn. The stippling really does set the Princesses off well.