Friday, November 11, 2005

More from the retreat

Well, I finally took the time to get all my pictures from the retreat at The Abbey loaded into my webshots! So just click on The Abbey Retreat and it will take you to all the pictures. As you can see it is a beautiful resort and we had gorgeous weather.... on Friday! But so what, the rest of the weekend we were too busy sewing anyway! Well we did take a walk to Gordy's for lunch on Saturday and it was drizzly and gray - but about 30 seconds after we walked in the door back at the resort hail started coming down! Boy did we luck out with that! I had told my friend - ahhhh lets go - whats a little wet! Well hail would have been a different story if we had gotten caught in that! Below is the harbor by Gordy's.
Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy the retreat pics! The picture below is of the really cute quilt store nearby.

4 comments from wonderful readers:

Finn said...

Great pics of the retreat area..nice to see where you go.
Love the yellow gold of that tree by the little quilt shop.

Will look at Webshots over the weekend. I'm out in the garage tying an all flannel quilt for the oldest's in the 60's here today..*VBG*

Lucy said...

I whis I was there with you :c)

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

I love the pics! I love the autumn leaves in the background and the whole feel of the wonder you had such a great getaway!!!


Darcie said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Dawn!

What a beautiful place to "get away from it all." You deserved every gorgeous autumn-colored leaf!

Can't wait to find some time to check out your Webshots....