Monday, November 21, 2005

Santa is starting to appear!

Here is my progress on my santa wall hanging! Santa is taking shape!

But look at the chimney! My black bled! And I had even prewashed it! so now I need to see if I can "unbleed" it!

I swear I never had so many problems until this month!!!! :)

5 comments from wonderful readers:

Lucy said...

I love this quilt so much. Do you work with the machine and 'steam and seam' Or do you this all by hand ? I hope you can fix the bleeding.

Tonya Ricucci said...

Oh dear. I've used the Shout Color Catcher with a red that bled all over the place and that was AFTER I'd thrown the finished quilt into the dryer. Worked great. Didn't know black bled. Eeeeuw.
Maybe another tree in front of the chimney? Ivy? Dunno - might get to heavy on that one side.

Darcie said...

Oh drat!

There are a few things that you could try in laundering...but I suppose that would be lots safer after the quilt is finished.

I swear by Synthrapol. I once had a t-shirt screenprint that bled onto a pair of khaki pants...laundered the two again in hot water and Synthrapol. The khakis had no sign of the screenprint!

Designing around it as Tonya has suggested may be kind of a blessing in disguise.

I once read a saying that goes something like "I don't make mistakes...just opportunities."

Good luck and keep us informed!


Finn said...

So sorry to hear that happened Dawn...hope one of the gals suggestions will do the trick.

Joanne said...

Aw -- when things start going wrong, how come they pick up speed?! vbg!
I love the santa quilt anyway -- add a tree - another very skinny tree to that side if you can't get it out.
Good luck.