Thursday, December 15, 2005

Always on the Go!

Well this feels like me - always on the go - and always trying to escape something! Especially with work lately. I'm just loving everything that is going on at work - but trying to balance that along with 4 teens and the holidays has me running ragged!

So for today I thought I would share another Christmas quilt that really isn't a Christmas quilt. And this is an older picture before I had my good digital camera which is a bummer because I did the quilting on this one myself and I must say is awesome! But this is a fun quilt don't you think? I used the Lazy Girl ruler and pattern for this and loved it. In fact I loved it so much I made a sampler out of scraps with the ruler and her Lazy and Lovin' It book for my friend in France - Oh I quilted that one also and was way cool! (Oh and the Flying Geese X 4 method is one of my favorites also - although you don't really need the ruler to do it!)

So nothing "new" I'm working on, but some really fun old stuff I've done!

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Finn said...

Those are really cool Dawn, thank you for sharing..*VBS* How did you come out for snow? We are at 6+ inches and it's still snowing..lucky us!