Thursday, December 22, 2005

Teacher's Quilt

I had such fun viewing Judy's teacher quilts yesterday I thought I would share my favorite teacher quilt I made. I don't make quilts for all the teachers like Judy - but this one was made for my youngest daughter's 1st and then 2nd grade teacher the year she got married. She had invited all the children to the wedding, and the class threw her a shower. This was the shower gift from the class. It is my favorite quilt I've made school related! I took most of the blocks from the book Block Magic. The hands were each students traced hand and they wrote their name on it. I had arranged to do this one day with the art teacher so Miss Keefe didn't know about it! It was a lot of fun!
My second favorite quilt was a quilt I did 3 years ago for my 3rd daughter's 8th grade class raffle quilt. Nothing special about the pattern but it does look nice. But in the center I put photo's of the school over the years from 1887 thru 2003. That was kind of a fun piece of history.
Of course I've done tons of raffle quilts for my kids classes for the March Madness auctions, but these were my 2 favorite school related quilts!

5 comments from wonderful readers:

Lucy said...

Ohh Dawn these quilts are so special! I love the white stars like snow !

Holly said...

Dawn, what nice gifts! I love the photo factor of the one and the "crayon" quilt is adorable.

Quiltgranny said...

I absolutely adore the hands - I've seen hands used before, but I really like the way these dance around the quilt! I can just feel the little kids' energy! LOL!

Is your quilt in a frame hung yet?

Tonya Ricucci said...

That's great that the kids all got to help make and personalize a quilt for their teacher - love the crayola border.

Finn said...

great quilts Dawn, love the crayola border and the hands that dance around. Great job!!