Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Another book for Lucy!

Here are some sample pages for another book I thought Lucy might like. I found this book from Finn's posting of that scrappy medallion quilt awhile back. I had to check into this book and found that I could still get it used from a 3rd party via Borders! I got it for $5! And it was worth every penny!

The name of the book is Women and Their Quilts: A Washington State Centinnial Tribute. This book has about a page about the quilt and the woman who made it, and then a full page picture of the quilt. There are some great quilts in here. So for $5 (plus shipping) it is worth it.

The top picture is a wonderful Pointsettia Quilt which is gorgeous. I would love to have this quilt, but not sure my patience would hold out to make it! And of course the hand quilting is to die for. The second page is about the quilt and maker.

My absolute favorite quilt that I think I will try and make is the Feathered star above! Isn't the border awesome with this quilt! I think I can actually make this one! Course then I'll want quilting like it too! On the very next page is also another really fun blue and pink quilt I could make and will put on my list - another feathered star variation, but much simpler.

Hope you enjoy the sample pages!

6 comments from wonderful readers:

Finn said...

Oh Dawn, I'm so glad you found it to buy!! Isn't it a great book???? Be sure and send me you addy so I can get that little "stuff" off to you soon!

Lucy said...

OOh Yes, This kind books I really like!! The quilts you scanned are so much my taste . Thank you ! I add it to my list :c) .

Lucy said...

ps.. The Book I reccomend from the dutch woman, is interesting of the storie about her in WW II . The few quilts in the book are interesting because of the storie!!!

Not like this book these quilts are to die for

Granny said...

Dawn, I enjoyed the sample pages! I love the new background on your blog too!

Tonya Ricucci said...

Thank you - I did enjoy these sample pages. I am definitely in the mood for some new books on antique quilts. Cheers.

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Uhoh...I think your text is set too wide for the blog page (did you monkey with your template?) and now all the side bar info is at the bottom of the page because the page width changed and there isn't room for the side bar in the side anymore? This happened to me before..let me know if you need help with it! Be sure to check your blog in ie and in netscape, it can look different in each browser!