Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The snow fooled me!

Well the weather forcast fooled me. We were suppose to get about 6" of snow today, and after last week having it take me 3.5 hrs to get home from work while it was snowing our first 6" I decided to work from home today. Well can you believe it - it isn't snowing that much! So at least I saved a long trip in to work and am working from home. The downfall is things are much harder and slower working at home because I'm on dial up. But the good thing is I didn't have the 1.25 hr commute in AND on my down time I'm working on some quilting! Wooo Hooo!

Wanted to share my little repro strippy quilt I made at my retreat last month. I finally got it quilted and binding on! I'm going to get the back of the binding sewn on this weekend and then get it put in that frame. When I get it in the frame I'll take a picture for you all - I'm dying to get it hung up!

I also worked some more on my 30's sunshine quilt. So I attached a picture of that. Next month are some stars that go on the right side and bottom of what you see.
Today I"m working on quilting the baby quilt for my great niece who was born almost 2 months ago - yes the quilt I had done about 3 months ago - still isn't quilted!!! :)

4 comments from wonderful readers:

Finn said...

Don't say Uncle just yet..this is ONE BIG may still get the edges of it. We have more than I can measure. Went out to the mailbox and it was over my sock tops! And that's after it was plowed 3 hours ago.

The quilt looks great..can't wait to see it in the frame. Your 30's one is interesting. I"ll be excited to see what you do next.

Tonya Ricucci said...

Much more fun to be at home. Any chance you could invest in broadband for your home and then skip going to the office more often? Worth the aggravation...
Both the projects are fun, agree with Finn I look forward to seeing what direction the Sunshine goes.

Darcie said...

Your Repro quilt is looking great, Dawn. Can't wait to see it in the frame. My friend did some framed mini quilts a few years ago...they were absolutely darling.

Your 30's quilt is looking great, too. You know...I can see this block on sort of a medallion...with rich, dark repro fabrics. Wanna whip that up for me on your next snow storm/day home, Dawn?! ;-)

Catherine said...

I love the pink and brown...and your 1930's. Both are very pretty.