Saturday, December 31, 2005

One Raffle Quilt Done!!!!!

OK - I get to start off the New Year on a good foot! Whenever I have an 8th grader at our grade school I get asked to make a raffle quilt for the 8th grade to raffle off at the school's March Madness auction. Thank goodness this is my last 8th grader! Oh wait - she is the one who doesn't care about school - lets hope it is my last year with an 8th grader!!!!! :) (Actually she hates going but does fine).

Our grade school got too large and they had to build another school for this year. So much to the 8th grades dismay, 1/2 of the 8th grade is at the old school and 1/2 is at the new school. So my dilema - do I make 2 quilts or somehow make one for both schools to do together. I usually do something special with the signatures of the kids on the backing and something school related on the front - like the one I showed the other day.

This year I had wanted to do a signature quilt and put the signatures on the front. Well once I realized how many kids that was - I kind of had to do 2 quilts. It would have been so hard to get them all on one quilt without it getting HUGE.

I got the blocks done awhile ago and sent them to the 2 schools for the signatures. I"ve been plugging away at working on the first top the last few weeks, but with the holidays it just didn't go to fast. Well the good news is, is that quilt #1 is done! This is for the new school that my daughter goes to - Millburn West "Cougars". Their colors are blue and white. And I"ve been working on the Millburn "Mustangs" (red and white) blocks all day - I bet I get that one done in a day or so!

So if nothing else I get to start the new year with "have to" quilt tops under control! Woooo Hooooo!!!!

8 comments from wonderful readers:

Finn said...

Hurray for one raffle quilt done! And it looks great! I'm so proud of you..*VBS*

Now you can sleep well, knowing you are off to a good start in '06. Happy New Year Friend!! Hugs, Finn

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Gosh, if I were the school I would think twice before passing your daughter into 9th grade just to get another SET of raffle quilts next year. LOL.

Seriously though - the quilt looks wonderful.



Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Hoorah!! good job on getting that done! I think it's a neat signature looks wonderful!


Joanne said...

WTG, Dawn! Nice way to start the year! Nice quilt, too.

Tonya Ricucci said...

Good job - I like the hints of purple and pink in amidst the blues.

quiltpixie said...

This is a wonderful keepsake for the winner, and with everyone's signature I'm sure there's lots of entries in the auction...

It looks great

Lucy said...

You did a great job Dawn !! Indeed your daughter need to pass this year:c)

Darcie said...

Awesome, Dawn! What a great looking quilt. I just love when I get pieces like that from my clients.

Your daughter will someday look back and treasure what you did for her will your other kids. SOMEDAY!!! ;-)

Love your new look! The stars are so fun!