Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Stockings were Hung

Finally - the stockings are hung and the tree is decorated! Wheh! So here you can see my 20+ year old tree skirt I made! And my sister-in-law had the little stocking tree made for the stockings she knitted since we had no where to hang them in our house! I love that stocking tree!
I'll have some more pics to share this week - just wanted to hop on and say hi quick! Things have been busy since my oldest came home from college late (we got home very late - as in almost Saturday morning!) Friday night. So I"ve been cooking and spending time with her.

She is off with a HS friend today to go down to Chicago to ChristKindleMart. I would have love to gone but it is freezing out - so I didn't want to spend hours outside in the wind and cold! Yup - I'm getting old!

4 comments from wonderful readers:

Darcie said...

Glad your college daughter is home (well, in the neighborhood at least) safe and sound for the holidays.

I LOVE that stocking tree! I've never heard of one...I've heard of a mitten tree, but not a stocking one. Very cool!

Looking like Christmas at your house, Dawn! Enjoy!

Finn said...

So glad you popped in for a minute. I had looked for you this morning..good thing I came back..*G* I like your older tree skirt..they do seem to last forever!! The one my daughter was using before the new one, was made in 1984!! Good grief Charlie Brown! Neat stocking and what a neat idea to make a stocking tree..*VBS*

Tonya Ricucci said...

Love the stocking tree - that's a new one on me too. I'd make fun of you for not going out shopping when it's cold, but you wouldn't catch me leaving the house for months at a time if it were that cold here :)

Joanne said...

I love your stocking tree, too!
Enjoy the time with your daughter -- they eventually graduate and go off on their own and get busier than we ever thought we could be! And then you try to squeeze each other in whenever!