Thursday, January 12, 2006

Go visit Laura!

I just found out an internet friend of mine who actually lives near Purdue started her blog 2 days ago! You'll have to go visit. She has made some awesome folk art/primitive quilts - I hope she shares them with you.

I was so surprised to hear she had started a blog! And I saw that Tonya had already been to visit!

Just to get Laura started and to entice you all - I am showing one of my favorite fall quilts Laura made! It is in those dark colors I love so much! So I'm hoping she will share some other quilts I find just as fun and exciting. Come on now beg to see - Jess' Birthday Quilt, Allelujah and Love Much which is perfect for the upcoming Valentine season!

3 comments from wonderful readers:

Darcie said...

Laura's quilt is so "You"...and "Me." Thanks for introducing us to her!

Laura said...

Wow Dawn, what a surprise to log in and see this! Thanks so much! I have been smiles all day.


Holly said...

I can see why that is one of your favorites of Laura's. I like it, too! Those are the colors I love.