Thursday, January 26, 2006

Gwen Marston Lecture

Well I've decided I can go down the the Gwen Marston lecture tonight as well as the class tomorrow! I really don't have the time, and it is a hike from my house, but I've decided I'm going to do it!

And I'm so bummed I haven't had time to visit everyone the last few days - wheh - the days are flying by. Can you believe my baby went to high school orientation for next year! YIKES - that makes me feel old!

As a quick pic for today is another charity quilt I finished. All it is, is a panel from Hobby Lobby (or someplace) that I quilted. But it will make a great little toddler quilt for someone. Feb is charity month for our guild - bet you never guessed with all the charity quilts I've been trying to get done!

Toodles, and I'll let you know about the lecture tomorrow! I know Bonnie and Tonya are probably wishing they could zip right over!

3 comments from wonderful readers:

quiltpixie said...

I'm turning green with envy... hope I don't clash too badly with the blue fabric I'm working with :-) Enjoy!!

Tonya Ricucci said...

Good job getting another quilt done but most importantly HOW WAS GWEN? I can't wait for the details much longer - I'm going to explode with curiosity and envy and excitement. Ooh, but the class is today, right? Have a fabulous time.

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

its a PERFECT Charity quilt! Kids don't care how much time we spent on it, or the pattern, or the quality of the fabric we use....they just like the PICTURES! Makes it easy to make a child happy, and I'm sure this one will :c)