Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Finished Quilting a Baby Quilt

Well I did finally finish that baby quilt I made for my 5th great-niece who was born in Oct finally! In fact I finished it in time to give it to her over the holidays. So I thought I would share that with you. Not that my quilting even hints at being anything special compared to Bonnie, Darcie, Judy or the rest of you long armers - but hey it is quilted and it is a baby quilt (and I use my home machine)!

And here is a picture of baby Kate with her quilt (and mommy).

And since Darcie shared pics of her beautiful children I thought I would share one of my 3 daughters I took at Christmas. As hard as I tried to get Adam to get in the picture he just plain refused to have a picture taken - he is 18 - so I just let it go finally. Anyway, here are my daughters: Emily (13) who is my animal lover, sports playing girl. Her current goal at the moment is either to move to Alaska and raise sled dogs or become a farmer and have all kinds of animals. Her farmhouse in either case is going to be 3 levels. The bottom level is going to be a playing room for her dogs with a doggie indoor swimming pool! How is that for goals - (and dreams!). Holly (19) is my space loving girl. Her dream is to work in Mission Control at Nasa. Tonya - she is my Gilmore Girls loving girl!. Jenna (16) is my girly girl. She love clothes and has to be just so. And is always worried about her hair - yeah look at that hair - you can't do anything with it - that is all natural - got it from her father! And her main concern is anything social! She can talk and talk and talk - and is always planning things with her friends and in everything at High School! Then poor Adam (18) at the moment only cares about Game Cube and anything on the computer. Although when the "boys" get together at our house poker and pizza is quite a favorite also! And for some reason the girls seem to love him. He always has girls coming over to visit him!

8 comments from wonderful readers:

Lucy said...

Three nice daughters and a son ! we have the same. Only the ages are different :c) . And yess how different could children be. That is always fun to see

Laurie Ann said...

Love love love the baby quilt. It is so soft and warm looking. And good job on quilting it yourself! Beautiful daughters! I was the animal lover as a kid!

Sarah said...

Dawn - your girls are beautiful and we will assume your son is equally handsome!

Love the baby quilt. Was the compass hard?


Tonya Ricucci said...

Nice to see the girls, completely understand about your son not wanting his pic taken.
Hope Holly, my fellow GG-lover, has seen all the "From the Earth to the Moon" - the HBO series on the Apollo program. My hubby got it for Christmas - we love that show, as well as "Apollo 13"

The Calico Cat said...

Lovely quilt - lucky baby! & the photo of Dawn..... Is there a Purdue thing going on? (2 out of 3)

Laura said...

Dawn -

Wonderful quilt and 2 beautiful daughters! I have to laugh at the 2 Purdue Sweatshirts! Go Boilers!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful family - and look at the size of that tree! The quilt is just gorgeous and the quilting looks great. I use my domestic machine also and it's quite a challenge sometimes :-)

Darcie said...

Your daughters are so pretty, Dawn! Tell that son of yours we'd love to meet him too someday!

And baby's sweet. She's lucky to have such a generous Auntie Dawn to make lovely quilts for her. The quilting looks marvelous!